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Image Welcome to is the first since 2012, one of the best specialists in advice and online sales of anabolic steroids. Our coach steroid-life can offer you peptides, HGH, Testosterones, Sarm’s …

To better know your objectives and your expectations and for all your questions, we commit ourselves to appoint a personal and experienced coach.

All our brands are authentic and carefully selected, they are certified and are the best available on the market.

To better know your objectives and your expectations and for all your questions, we commit ourselves to appoint a personal and experienced coach.
Available via e.mail or live online chat 7 / 7- h24- facebook page.

We have set up a CB payment. As well as a customs insurance, loss or breakage of your parcel for you ease the security of your purchases on our site !

Anabolic Steroids

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Coach Steroid-life – Personalized program


direct online chat (7/7 H24) for all your questions and for advice before or during and after your purchase.

To achieve all your goals (weight gain, weight loss, strength gain, dry, preparation for the competition …).

Our coaches advise you of personalized treatments and are free, they are also bilingual French / English.

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All our products are certified 100% of origin and qualities.

Verifications of the products and their authenticity manufacturer of the site through the identification number or the QR code.

We only sell original and compliant products and very high quality, they are also the best laboratories in the professional field of anabolic steroids

We work directly with all the major brands that we resell.
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Image Complete cure following your goals with protection and recovery


Cure complete with protections and recovery ready to use, elaborated with care by our coaches and those at unbeatable prices: from 10% to 60% discount throughout year. Actual Stocks>

Deliveries 48h 72H -> Customs Insurance


We have a large stock of anabolic steroids, peptides, hghs and testosterones. All our stocks are carefully kept in a cold room

We are constant and assiduous and we have constantly stock HGH, peptides, growth hormones, testosterones …

Our shipments are discreet and 100% secure with insurance: loss, breakages, customs … Shipments between 48H and 72H after your payment + your tracking number.

Insurance return your order on the proof of the tracking number.


ImageSecurity and confidentiality

Steroid-life: Delivery between 48h and 72h chrono with the tracking number plus insurance loss – customs – breakages.

Our customers prove it to you with a success rate of more than 97%.

All your personal data and information is secured on our servers – guarantees the anonymity of secure SSL connections.

Steroid-life is a leader in the sale of anabolic products, HGH, peptides, testosterone …

Our shipments are discreet and 100% secure.

More than 36,000 parcels sent worldwide. It is our customers who prove it and speak best.

Here are the photos of our customers with their orders received.

You also send a photo of the contents of your package received with the name steroid-life registered, then get a coupon of 10% off your next order.

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All our products are certified 100% original and quality

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