Image Peptides Packs

 Peptides are the next generation of anabolic products. To put it simply, these are amino acid sequences of hormones. They make it possible to target as well as possible the objectives to reach and allow you to be able to benefit from the benefits that you wish from the HGH and only those which you wish. Peptides exist in their simple version, but there are also peptide mixes.

The results are exceptional, and with a double advantage:

The price, this sequence of hgh is not complete (the HGH is much more expensive)
A precise targeting of your objectives.

The best quality Peptides available on the market .

The most popular peptides are:

Simple peptide GHRP-6 and Body-Mass mix for mass gain
Simple Peptide GHRP-2 and Body-Lean Mix for Dry Muscle Growth and Lean Mass
Ipamorelin simple peptide and Slim-Fit mix for anti-aging and body enhancement
Peptide mix Sex-Boost to improve your sex life
Simple peptide TB-500 to heal your wounds and recover very quickly
Peptide Simple Aicar, well known by athletes in endurance sports
But also other peptides such as FRAGMENT 176-191, MOD-GRF (1-29), IGF-1 LR3, Melanotan 2, CJC-1295-DAC, Sermorelin, PEG-MGF … and mixes like Sun Beauty, Recovery3.