Femara / Letrozole Citrate 30 Caps 2.5Mg Meditech


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Anti-estrogen the strongest. Prevents gynecomastia. Reduce estrogen levels up to 98%. A possible cure for gynecomastia.

Letrozole is also particularly interesting for bodybuilders and athletes. First, it has been proven to reduce estrogen levels to 98% or more. This is obviously a huge interest for bodybuilders. Indeed, less estrogen in the body eliminates the side effects of steroids such as water retention, gynecomastia, and acne. This makes Letrozole one of the best anti-estrogens on the market, even for very difficult cycles. Also, if you perform bodybuilding competitions Letrozole helps to have a dry and striated muscle. The effective dose for letrozole is 2.5 to 5mg daily. If you exceed this dose, there may be a risk of loss of libido. In addition, if you keep your estrogen levels too low for too long, you will eventually weaken your immune system.

Performance chart
Anti-Estrogen Image Potency  2.5 mg / Caps
Post Cycle Recovery Image Appearance  Caps
Testo Boost Image Dosage 1 caps per days
Packaging 30 Caps